Monday, 30 March 2009

Latest creation

Well it has been a long and sometimes frustrating week but today I can finally reveal my latest project. Inspired by my llamas I have created this: Dougal llama.

A fully jointed mohair/alpaca mix collectable. He will be making his debut at the Easter Craft and Food Fair on 10/11/12th April 2009 at Oriel Parc Glynllifon, Caernarfon.

It took a long time to work out this particular pattern and for some reason was a lot harder than the traditional teddy bears that I have created in the past. So I do feel that I have really accomplished something and I am very proud of him. I will of course be continuing to tweek and adjust pattern elements with every llama that I make but he will always be special and the only one made in this particular colour scheme as I do like to make my items to be a little bit different every time.

And of course here is the real live Dougal

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Major crafting online party 3rd - 7th April

Just to let you know that over on Crafts Beautiful there is a fantastic online party being help during the 3rd-7th April! Lots of wonderful prizes are waiting to be won. Including a llama experience for two with yours truly at our llama centre just outside Lampeter. So what are you waiting for.. click on the link to find out more!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend of crafting mishaps

This weekend has been particularly trying in the crafting department. First was my lovely wire and chainmaille dragon (one of a series of Tollykit Dragons). I simply ran out of rings before finishing her off. So now I have to wait for my next delivery of wire and that could be days yet.

Second was my pathetic attempt with Silver Art Clay. I started out with 10 grams and I think the slip of silver I have left drying to make my pendant is about 5 grams if I'm lucky. So I'm on a bit of a down today with all of that.

But of course some important lessons have been learned.

1. Weigh your rings before you start and make sure you have enough to finish what you start.
2. Prepare your work area properly with everything you think you will need.
3. Make sure you oil your hands well before starting with Silver clay.
4. Know exactly what your end product is supposed to look like.
5. Don't start something when you only have a short amount of time to work on it especially if it is something new.

And most importantly make sure you have checked that your workroom is definitely empty of cats as any cat will attempt to play with anything you are working on. Wire flipping around while you are working it is particularly enticing. More so I think because it is dangerous to both cat and human.

Just hope everyone else has had a more relaxing weekend than I.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Meet Dee the dinosaur

It's lovely and sunny today here in Wales and so having taken puppy for a walk and having watered all the outdoor animals I decided to stay in and finish Dee my first needlefelted dinosaur. Dee is made from Icelandic wool with a mohair tummy and is lovely and fuzzy. She has a wire skeleton and is thread jointed. I will be putting her up for sale here later today once I have taken all her measurements.

Now that she is finished I am off out again to check on my outdoor animals and take the puppy for another walk. He has spent a happy few hours in my workroom watching me work while chewing a bone. The cats on the other hand have spent the day in the conservatory basking in the sunshine as only a cat can.

Monday, 9 March 2009

What's new

Well I have been quietly getting back into my bearmaking. I used to make lovely teddy bears around 5-6 years ago up in Leicestershire and did a number of bear fairs which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I moved to Wales I had to put all that on hold while getting the llamas and angora goats settled into their new homes and getting to grips with processing my own fibre. House renovations also held up the process. But now I'm back and have put some of my bears and characters up on my misi shop.

Of course now I have access to my own ready supply of llama and mohair fibre so I am looking forward to making lots of characters being able to say that 'that bear is made entirely from Loki fibre, or Tyr fibre,' etc. Wonderful!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It's snowing again

Well there was quite a bit of snow here last night so the poor llamas have no grass so it's back to room service from me again. I will be taking hay out several times today because no matter how much I put out they will just gobble it down in one go so I have to split it into meal times. After all no one like to see a fat unhealthy llama. All that being said it is lovely and sunny at the moment and I am hoping the roads aren't too bad so that the rubbish collection takes place as normal.

I am supposed to be going out to the post office to post a package but the lovely lady concerned has been quite understanding about the weather and I no intention of breaking my arm like my lovely husband. He broke it taking a parcel to the post office in the last lot of snow so I'm a bit nervous of doing the same thing given how poorly people clear road and paths these days.

Monday, 2 March 2009

What's new in my misi shop

I just thought I would give everyone a sneak preview of my latest creation. I will be adding him to my misi shop later today. I just adore him, a beautiful miniature copper dragon.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

And the winner is ....

Karen/Shamu. You can find her work here

Hi Karen you have won my first ever giveaway. If you email me your address I will put it in the post for you and it would be lovely to have a picture of whatever it is you do with it.